It pains me to say this is my last post ever on this blog, we had some great times people, great posts, I’ll comeback here and read some old entries from time to time, but it’s time to move on (that was too many times in one sentence) the new site awaits!!!! make sure you bookmark it. FYI life conns is short for life Connoisseurs.


Asleep in the Greyhound


I started the day off normal and and then about 10:30am the reality that I haven’t been home in so long and the compounded stress of college started to get to me, I freaked! I panicked, I bought a round trip ticket home, abandoning all obligation to have 3 days of sanity I think it was well deserved.

With the help of some good friends I found the nearest greyhound station. I ran to my apartment to find that the mail man had left me some presents

img_4992Asher came through in entirety although Blunt cruising is trash lol.

I tried to read for a little while but that didn’t work cause the bus was too shaky

img_4988img_4987I then slept off, woke up in silverspring, surprisedĀ  my mom and came home to this

img_4998Crazy day right??? I KNOW!!

Cavs proposal

My Cavs are so bored with the lack of competition that they entertain themselves and me with hilarious videos such as this, enjoy!

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It’s about that time again

You know the time I mean, where every single school related obligation becomes irritating, when your body suddenly feels heavier when your alarm rings in the morning for that 8 am class, that time is the end of a semester. As this one is coming to an end, I could not be happier due to the fact that My summer is mapping itself out to be my most exciting one yet. Launching a brand, working on music, going to concerts, hanging with friends. Can’t wait people, can’t wait!



I noticed all I’ve been talking about is the brand lately and I’m getting sick of it, I’m sure you are too. I love the project but when I talk to people now adays it’s like ” hey! what you up to?” I’m like “busy working on my brand, just t-shirts this summer but the fall is going to be so much deeper”………….then we get lost in a conversation revolving around my world, and when I ask ” whats up with you” they say “nothing as exciting as you have going on”……….Listen people, when I ask what’s going on in your life, it’s cause I care, tell me, I’m still the same kid who used to help you out in geometry class.

but like I said, Friday May 15 at noon get ready, a lot is going to change from now till then, but I’ll keep yall posted.


I’ve been working too hard this year and I love the feeling even if I don’t sell one T shirt, I’ve accomplished a lot, I took a chance and I followed my dream, not saying I don’t think it will be well recieved, it’s already highly embraced which I couldn’t be happier for. I just Thank you all for understanding my passion and my drive, even if you don’t purchase I still appreciate it, but I’m sure you will, how can you deny this goodness lol.





Music Review 88 KeysNow I’m thinking of a plan, that does not involve my hand88 keys is hilarious, plus insightful, I love satire and this album executes that perfectly, plus the melodies are infectious, the friends zone is my favorite track.